Project Planetizen

Preparing our Youth to be future READY

What is a Planetizen?

Planetizenship is the world's most innovative concept of citizenship. It is evolved from the ancient concept of national citizenship and the more recent idea of global citizenship, but Planetizenship places much needed focus on the relationship not only among people but between people and the planet. Planetizenship is a new philosophy that will help the leaders of the next generation to be READY to tackle the world's biggest issues. 

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Hi! We are Project Planetizen

Project Planetizen was founded on the concept of Planetizenship to train the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow that truly unite the future of humankind and planet Earth for the better. Humanity has been at odds with the natural world through most of history, but now more than ever we are discovering our interdependence. Project Planetizen works with top research institutions, NGOs, and environmental organizations to build platform to support innovation on the very identity of humankind. We now have the power to decide the future of the planet, so let's take the right steps to ensure a bright and lasting future. 

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